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Diversity - Nexa | 2017 Annual Report


We value our inclusive environment and respect for differences, in accordance with the human rights principles set out in our Code of Conduct, through which we reinforce our non-tolerance for any form of discrimination or moral and sexual harassment. The diversity theme is included in our strategic planning and has a series of improvement actions in progress, with defined goals and objectives.

Our corporate committee, made up of members of the Sustainability, Legal, Human and Organizational Development, Communication, Health and Safety areas, coordinates the actions of the Diversity Appreciation Program and guides local committees at the operational units in mapping opportunities that address gender and disability issues (PCDs).

Regarding the Gender theme, one of the highlights was the hiring of two women for the Board of Directors. In the year, we implemented several actions in our Brazil/Peru units designed to meet the requirements of the gender valorization pillar. These include: inclusion of at least one woman in the last stage of the selection process; mapping positions in the operational area to open up new opportunities for women; specific training for women in equipment operations; as well as other actions to enhance infrastructure. Our goal is to have 20% of women in the workforce by the year 2025. By the end of 2017, this percentage was 10.3% (548 women).

Note 15: Data published in 2014, 2015 and 2016 were recalculated as a result of a adjustment of the calculation methodology. GRI 102-48

In 2017, we conducted activities in all units aiming at improving opportunities for people with disabilities (PCDs). In Brazil, 5.1% of the workforce is made up of PCDs. We have emphasized the work in training and reinforcement of those in charge of the recruitment area, the follow-up with the medical area on jobs and functions compatible with disabilities, and the movement of these professionals between areas, valuing training, experiences and individual contributions.

Recognition Program

In 2017, we had 130 initiatives registered in the Awards Program, through which we seek to identify and reward employees who have contributed significant initiatives to the company. The registered projects were chosen according to their scope and their impact in the following categories: Health and Safety, Environment, Operational Excellence and Social Responsibility.

During the selection process, these initiatives were evaluated at the Unit and Company level, and in this last phase, the finalists also compete for the Sustainability Talent Award, organized by the Votorantim Institute. In addition, the groups in the finals also make a presentation in person that allows the project to be exposed to the other units. The announcement of the winners and the awards ceremony takes place during the Leadership Meeting, an annual event that brings together the company’s top leadership.


In 2017, we structured and implemented the Global Integration Plan featuring activities and projects based on four main pillars: structure; people; processes; and systems. The idea is to absorb best practices in each country and strengthen the concept of a unique and global company. The agenda includes several initiatives to address long-term objectives and improve the company’s sustainability.

To start with, we created a committee (the Integration Nucleus) at the beginning of the year, formed by Brazilians and Peruvians. We also ran workshops with directors, general managers, focal points and facilitators to discuss the possible levers and barriers inherent in this process. The activities carried out during the meeting contextualized the emergence of Nexa and reinforced its objectives, emphasizing that the integration was intended to combine the best of the operations in the two countries, without interfering with the governance or the processes, maintaining Votorantim’s DNA, its compliance with legal issues and credibility in the market. All of this was accomplished without losing sight of the main parameters for this project: safety as a value and respect for local cultures.

Since the beginning of the Integration process, 28 professionals have participated in the Program, focusing on sharing knowledge, a culture of safety and process integration.

Integration Nucleus

Based on the diagnosis made in our units and interviews and focus groups with employee representatives, we defined 12 macro initiatives that were given priority in 2017.

These objectives were: to strengthen the understanding and application of our Beliefs and Values, guaranteeing the longevity of Votorantim’s DNA; to promote and disseminate the history of our units and companies and the regional culture of each country in which we operate; to standardize the information and communication systems used; to ensure unique policies and procedures; to standardize and strengthen the understanding of the Brazil-Peru organizational structure and between the sales offices in Luxembourg and the United States; to standardize the remuneration and benefits policies and practices among countries; to consolidate a single system of recruitment and development of personnel; and ensure a common language and integrated management of the company’s communication channels and processes.

Internal Placement

In 2017, we created 286 professional opportunities, filling 26% of these positions from our own ranks; for the executive level, there were 34 vacancies, 32% of which were staffed from within, compared to 36% and 70% in 2016. The decrease in the percentage of internal use occurred mainly due to the creation/restructuring of new areas for which we seek professionals in the market with expertise and experience in order to add knowledge and quality to our teams and processes.

In line with Votorantim’s desire to cultivate talents, we also reintroduced and improved the Movimenta Program, which allows employees to move between Votorantim companies, through applications for vacancies in different units and locations. The program has been restructured and is more comprehensive in terms of levels of candidates, which now includes apprentices and trainees (after completion of the respective programs) for certain vacancies.

At the managerial level there is also a new program, with opportunities that include vacancies, even those in Votorantim companies in other countries. Another change was in relation to the minimum time an employee needs at his or her current position before applying for a new opportunity. At the professional level, it was formerly necessary to complete 24 months in one position before applying for another; now, the time has been reduced to 18 months. For managerial slots and higher, the time is 24 months. At Nexa units, employees at the professional level and above can apply for vacancies worldwide.

professional opportunities we created in 2017