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Environmental - Nexa | 2017 Annual Report


Management Model
GRI 103-2, 103-3

Our environmental management model values responsible actions, designed to protect and prevent impacts on the environment and fostering the conscious use of natural resources. In line with the strategic plan defined in 2016, we are committed to reducing the specific generation of mining and metallurgical waste, greenhouse gas emissions and the specific use of new water, boosting the latter’s recirculation ratio in our operations.

The management of these impacts is through an Integrated Health, Safety and Environment Policy that contains guidelines and procedures that position our employees’ actions. In addition, we strictly follow environmental laws and regulations pertaining to each country in which we are present.

Toward this end, we have ISO 14001 certification (compliance standard that provides organizations with the bases for an environmental management system that, integrated with other management requirements, supports efforts to meet environmental targets). GRI 102-11

In 2017, we completed the futureuse studies for all units; this involved updating the decommissioning plans based on the integration of environmental and social data in line with the characteristics of each region. (The study and the plans are detailed in the Social chapter under the material Decommissioning topic.)

Environmental Investments

We continuously strive to implement the industry’s best practices, seeking opportunities to be more ecoefficient – that is, to produce more and produce it better, using fewer resources and generating less waste. In this direction, the funding of innovation carried out through the Digital Mining program (see more in the Innovation and Technology) let’s us establish improvement initiatives for equipment and processes. Significant environmental gains were achieved.

In 2017, environmental actions received investments of US$ 61.5 million, 15.8% more than in 2016 (US$ 53.1 million). This amount was distributed with emphasis on effluent treatment and disposal (32.4%), waste (34.4%) and decommissioning (10%).

Environmental Expenditure

Environmental Investments