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Information Technology - Nexa | 2017 Annual Report

Information Technology

In March 2017, we carried out a first workshop to discuss and select creative ideas with the potential for innovation. The initiative was led by the IT Innovation Center, a multidisciplinary group made up of employees from the team and other areas of the company. It is aligned with the IT Conecta movement, which positions IT in a more strategic role and has action fronts to improve the employees’ experience in relation to the services provided by the area, as well as supporting the company’s growth strategy.

Among the projects conducted by the area in 2017 are the following highlights:

Logistics Roadmap: With an impact on the strategic, tactical and operational levels, the project is designed to integrate the control systems and the global logistics database, preparing Logistics for the growth projected by our strategic plans. The project provides more real-time reaction speed and decision-making, based on reliable data. This is because, when integrating the logistics, planning, sales and operations the entire organization gains in predictability, automation of control and productivity. The tests with the public affected (Administration, Finance, Shipping and Billing, Production, Logistics Planning, Sales and Operation Planning – S&OP, Supplies and Logistics Management) for validation of the technology have already been completed and the system is expected to start operations in July 2018.

Big Data: This project refers to the design and planning of a business intelligence system that will interface all information relating to customers, products and suppliers, with a focus on creating a unified database of everything that we will consume. In 2017 the project’s architecture was created; in 2018, work will begin in the areas to implement the system.