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Message from the Board - Nexa | Annual Report 2017

Message from the Board GRI 102-10, 102-14

The company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) in October 2017 was an historic event for our organization. In a successful initiative that is positioning us more emphatically on the global mining scene, we conducted the IPO on the Toronto (Canada) and New York (USA) stock exchanges. The move required determination and very high level of competence of our staff to reach a new corporate governance level and attract new investors.

The IPO mobilized funding totaling US$ 570 million, of which US$ 328 million was through the primary offer and US$ 242 million in a secondary offer, representing the first mining company public offer anywhere in the world in the last seven years.

For us, 2017 also represents the year when we changed the company’s name to Nexa Resources. The Nexa brand merges the best of our originating organizations: Brazil’s Votorantim Metais and Peru’s Milpo. The name Nexa refers to several elements we consider important, such as Next Future, E xcellence, Extraction and Nexus, to make it clear we are a company that views the future of mining courageously, enthusiastically and intelligently. We are certain that our expertise serves as the basis for the development of the mining sector’s next generation.

This also was the moment to reiterate our good corporate governance practices, making our Board of Directors stronger and reflecting a global standard, in compliance with additional transparency and accountability commitments. We also reinforced observance with the pillars of our business, based on a Code of Conduct and an Anti-Corruption Policy that emphasize our Identity and our Values and Beliefs, fully repudiating and intolerant to any type of misconduct.

We have entered a new phase, with a new company profile and greater capacity for sustainable growth. The accomplishments in 2017 demonstrate our belief that a mining enterprise must be run with financial discipline, respect for communities and the environment, respect for employees.

Despite our clear intention to act with respect toward the environment and quality of life in all our units, in 2017 we saw the loss of seven valuable lives, a number never before experienced in our company’s history. This result has left us perplexed and extremely saddened, since safety is a topic to which we have always been extremely dedicated and we emphasize in the management of our operations. This fact, undoubtedly, removed much of the luster of a year replete with accomplishments and has led us to reassess all of our operational procedures.

In a world marked by rapid transformations, our challenges are to perfect what we have always done well, to consolidate the construction of a high performance culture and to advance in the achievement of new standards of technology, occupational safety and innovation.

By taking the world of mining to the world of people, we are being constantly tested to ensure the imperishability of our purpose and legacy, of innovative development and growth, always adapting ourselves to the new market realities with passion and untiring determination.

Luis Ermirio de Moraes
Chairman of the Board of Directors