Corporate governance

We adopt the best corporate governance practices to ensure transparency, fairness, responsibility and accountability in our businesses. We extract what is essential from the present, with a responsible view of the future, to generate value for us and for society. We go beyond efficiency and technical rigor, achieving the trust of people and the markets.

Our main policies are established by the Board of Directors and supported by three advisory committees: Finance; Remuneration, Nominations and Governance; and Audit, the latter made up only of independent board members.

We have published a Corporate Governance Manual, based on our purpose and values, designed to guide decision-making and protect the interests of the shareholders, the company and the market. The model is intended to facilitate the flow of information between our executives and other key decision-makers on our team and ensures that the appropriate principles are applied consistently across the organization. GRI 103-1, 103-2, 103-3

In October 2018, we completed one year as a publicly traded company with shares on the New York/NYSE (United States) and Toronto/TSX (Canada) stock exchanges. Nexa came into being as a strong and structured company, since governance bodies were in place before the organization’s initial public offering in 2017, proffering autonomy and agility to decision-making and business strategy definitions. Our governance model is constantly evolving, since we believe that good corporate governance leads us to generate more value for the shareholders and for society.

Organizational structure

5 Nexa Resources has a direct ownership interest of 0.17% in Nexa Resources Peru S.A. and an indirect stake of 80.06% through the Cajamarquilla unit; 15.79% of the publicly traded shareholding and the remaining 3.97% of the shares are in Treasury. Excludes the investment class shares.

6 Nexa owns 100% of the common shares and 33.3% of the total capital of Pollarix.

Capital structure GRI 102-5