Corporate Information

Board of Directors

Luis Ermírio de Moraes – Chairman
Daniella Dimitrov
Diego Cristóbal Hernandez Cabrera
Eduardo Borges de Andrade Filho
Edward Ruiz
Ivo Ucovich
Jane Sadowsky
Jean Simon
João Henrique Batista de Souza Schmidt

Executive Board

Tito Martins – President and CEO Nexa
Arlene Heiderich Domingues – Vice President of Human Resources and Institutional Relations
Felipe Guardiano – Vice President of Sustainability and Strategic Planning
Jones Aparecido Belther – Senior Vice President Mineral Exploration and Technology
Leonardo Nunes Coelho – Senior Vice President Mining
Rodrigo Menck – Senior Vice President of Finance and Group CFO
Mauro Boletta – Senior Vice President Smelting
Ricardo Porto – Senior Vice President of Sales, Supply & Logistics and Director President Nexa Peru
Valdecir Botassini – Senior Vice President Project Development and Execution

Addresses GRI 102-3

26-28 Rue Edward Steichen, 2º andar
L- 2540 – Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 28 26 3727

Corporate Offices
Rua Luís Carlos Berrini, 105, 3º andar
04571-010 – São Paulo – SP
Tel.: +55 (11) 3405-4499
Av. San Borja Norte 523
San Borja – Lima
Tel.: +51 (511) 710-5500

Relações com Investidores:


General coordination:

Department of Management, Sustainability, Strategic Planning and Market Intelligence: Felipe Guardiano

Financial and Investor Relations Department: Rodrigo Menck

Department of Sustainability: Benedito Fernando Dario

Investor Relations Department: Roberta Pimphari Varella

Coordination: Aricely Lamontanha e Luiz Perez

Teams: Sustainability, Corporate Communication and Investor Relations

We appreciate the support and cooperation of the managers and other colleagues involved in the corporate and industrial areas of Nexa Resources, for information calculation and analysis.

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GRI Consulting: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Audit of the GRI Indicators: PwC Auditores Independentes
Translation: Steve Yolen (inglês), Sylvia Gómez (espanhol)
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Graphic Design: fmcom
Infocharts: Felix Reiners

Comments, suggestions, doubts or criticisms regarding the content, as well as our operations and initiatives in Brazil and abroad, can be sent through the following channel: GRI 102-53