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Our company has been following a consistent path of brand consolidation and building a strong and integrated culture, capable of guiding the organization’s people as they grow their achievements and face new challenges. Intelligence, enthusiasm and courage are the characteristics that make up what we call our brand personality. The launch of the Nexa brand strengthened the company’s repositioning in the market and society as a company focused on the construction of the next generation of mining and the generation of shared value. We also initiated a process of cultural transformation aligned with this position and our business strategy.

The brand has been projected for the future and positions us as a mining company that features expertise and thinks differently; as a company that provokes new ways of doing things and has the courage to prove it is possible take new paths, transforming and influencing society, bringing the world of mining to the world of people. These three characteristics, based on Votorantim’s DNA and translated into behaviors, also form the Nexa Way, which guides the day-to-day actions of our employees, leaders and teams.

This is also our way of managing people within our organization. All initiatives are underpinned by five strategic focal points: inspiring leadership and effective management of talents, assured critical capabilities, contributing to increased company productivity and competitiveness, effective governance and organization, and effective stakeholder relations.


To believe it is possible to do things differently

To first act safely
To be a transformation agent
To seek the best references inside and outside the company
To be continuously focused on the search for knowledge, development and excellence
To be a protagonist: to have a good understanding of the company and to seek information, to follow the news through the internal and external channels
To understand the industry and the trends.


To provoke to make it possible to do things differently

Do not settle for the same ways of doing things, face different challenges
Provoke yourself and those around you to escape your comfort zones.
Stimulate and contribute so that the entire mining chain thinks differently.
Be energetic and contagious, helping to bring about the necessary transformations.


To help provoke change to do things differently

Propose new ideas and paths to overcome the company’s challenges.
Listen to suggestions and be open to change when necessary.
Take well-grounded positions with conviction, both within and outside the company.
Ask questions and dive deep to expand understanding and bring about evolution.
Make the best decisions, in a timely manner, with the best information available.

Employee profile

We value a diverse profile of employees. Due to the nature of our operations, especially in Peru, we have a large contingent of outsourced labor. In 2018, our staff comprised 5,591 direct employees, of which 3,198 were in Brazil, 2,367 in Peru and 26 in other countries, in addition to 13,408 outsourced workers. Of the total number of employees, 64% belonged to the 30-50-year-old age group; 67% performed operational functions, and the proportion of women was 11.7%.

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