Qualification and training
GRI 103-2, 103-3, 404-2 SDG 4.4

We are a company that attracts, trains and retains talent. That is why we encourage employees to develop themselves professionally, by offering training and qualification programs, sharing ideas and experiences and continuing to challenge them in an inspiring work environment that nurtures safety and diversity.

We use the Personnel Development System to ensure that 100% of our employees can discuss, together with their managers, the skills and attributes they need to evolve within the company. It is a personnel management model that encourages open dialogue, transparency and career development possibilities, strengthening our strategies and stimulating professional growth. GRI 404-3

We promote the constant development of leaders, as well as providing our team with technical skills. Among the programs offered we can mention:

Mentoring: The program stimulates the exchange of knowledge and the structured orientation among professionals of different hierarchical levels. Hence, we promote open dialogue and the cultivation of talents, in addition to bolstering relations between different areas, expanding networking and multiplying experiences. Over the four years this program has been running, 70 professionals were mentored. Furthermore, 18 new mentors were prepared in 2018 to take up this challenge.

Cultivating Leaderships (Cultivando Lideranças): We continued the Cultivating Leadership Program globally, which aims to align our leaders with the company’s overall context, strengthening their knowledge and developing the skills needed to better play a part the development of people. Since the beginning of the program, more than 700 leaders have been trained in Brazil, Peru and Luxembourg.

One of the program’s modules involved the development of inspiring leadership, which hires, develops and engages talents, ensuring high-performance teams. This pillar was developed in a more relaxed format that aims to exchange knowledge and promote collaboration among employees.

+Talents (+Talentos): Created in 2017, the program focuses on hiring people and developing individuals who have greater expertise in specific areas. The idea is to train talented people so that in the future the area can count on more human resources available for its succession pool. The focus point of the program in 2018 was Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) and the first formation session took place between September 10 and 14. (Details are in the Safety and Health).

The Nexa Way Experience: This initiative was aimed at enabling employees to experience, in practice, the adoption of the Nexa Way. In 2018, a pilot program was created that opened the entire organization to the opportunity to participate in a challenge focused on combating unnecessary bureaucracy, working in a different format with an autonomous group, selfmanaging and based on agile methodologies concepts.

Of the 28 employees who signed up, seven were selected to continue in the project. The proposal presented was the creation of an in-company accelerator, named Atom, whose activities will be developed over the course of 2019.

For technical qualification, of particular note was the acquisition of a structure (container) for training heavy equipment operators (LHD, scaler, drilling). In 2018, the initiative leased a Jumbo simulator for the Vazante and Morro Agudo units; acquired a simulator for driving A30 trucks in Vazante; made a diagnosis to evaluate the level of knowledge of automotive maintenance employees, which will guide the training efforts in this area, beginning with technical training in lubrication.

During the year, we offered more than 200 thousand hours of training and qualification to our employees in Brazil and Peru, with an average of 31 hours per employee and investments of more than US$ 2 million, maintaining almost the same amount that had been invested in 2017 for this purpose.

To develop a strategic focus, “assured critical capabilities,” our Master Plan contains 11 critical capabilities that ensure business continuity. In 2018, an assessment was carried out to evaluate the maturity of each one. It was identified that for the five that were prioritized in the last two years – talent management, operational excellence, mineral exploration, capital sourcing and execution of projects – at least 75% had reached maturity. As a next step, we will update the master plan, aiming at the need to develop new capabilities and their continued development in the organization.

Average Hours of Training Per Employee GRI 404-1

200 thousand
hours of training

More than
US$ 2 million invested