Stakeholder engagement

We continually improve our relationships with all stakeholders as a way of maintaining the sustainable growth of our business and a permanent, open and transparent dialogue with each stakeholder. We consider the stakeholders that represent higher impacts on our operations and operational strategy to be the most important, as well as having a greater influence on our business. These groups include shareholders and investors, communities, employees and clients. However, we view banks, suppliers, sector associations, government authorities, regulatory agencies, third sector organizations and the press with equal respect and consideration.

As a way of maintaining engagement with these groups and promoting ongoing dialogue, we participate in sector forums and meetings, hold events with our business partners and have meetings with leaders of communities neighboring our operations. This is all designed to collect suggestions and complaints, clarify doubts and provide communities with information about our ongoing projects.

Our impacts

8 Decommissioning considers the moment of closure of the activities of the units.

9 Includes the circulation of trucks on local roads, public housing infrastructure, health, mobility and education.

10 Impact on fauna and flora, including plant suppression.

11 Impact on the river course, lowering the water body and also water use.

12 Added value for the cities in which Nexa is located.