Message from the CEO
GRI 102-14

Tito Martins

Tito Martins
Chief Executive Officer

The year of 2019 was challenging for the entire international commodities industry due to the various political and economic events that impacted base metal prices. It was no different for Nexa. To face an increasingly unpredictable market and, at the same time, build the mining of the future, we launched the Jeito Nexa (The Nexa Way) Program, aimed at the evolution of our corporate culture and designed to improve the efficiency of our operations, generating great potential of return for all our stakeholders. This is another step on our journey to build, every day, a more sustainable, more plural and more transparent mining operation.

Another major milestone in the year was the start of construction of the Aripuanã (MT) polymetallic project, which should be one of the mining industry’s sustainability benchmark operations in the coming years. It is a project that is being created without dams, utilizing dry waste treatment techniques and featuring low water intakes, since nearly 100% of the water will be treated and reused. We will also follow the innovative wetlands concept for the treatment of effluents. Furthermore, we are carrying out an extensive plan to train regional labor, with the goal of hiring workers locally for our operation while, at the same time, expanding the activities of the local economy. The prospecting projects in Peru, with emphasis on Magistral and Pukaqaqa, continue to make steady progress in the direction of also becoming viable soon.

In relation to the mines already in operation, new discoveries are extending the useful life of our units, as is the case in Morro Agudo (MG), where the Bonsucesso project has proved to be a good alternative for future supply of ore to the current plant. And in Peru, the evidence of new mineralized bodies in the integration between Atacocha and El Porvenir, in the Pasco Complex, also is presenting good prospects.

Another important advance from an operational point of view is the deepening of mining operations in Vazante (MG), underway with the excavation of ramps to access the new reserves and the delivery of the first phase of the pumping station progresses, which will allow a safe ore extraction.

In 2019, we advanced in the field of social management, achieving a closer relationship with the communities in the vicinities of our operations, encouraging dialogue and joint construction of a relevant legacy. Part of this endowment is being built through the Somos Todos (We Are Everyone) volunteer program, which added more than 20 thousand contribution-hours from our employees, greatly anticipating the goal to be achieved in 2025.

As an example of an effective dialogue with the community, we signed an agreement for prospecting in Magistral (Peru), through which it was possible after an open dialogue with the population and local authorities. We will continue to seek competitive growth and co-create a legacy for the communities where we operate.

We also know that there is still a lot to be done. In Peru, we had an employee fatality at the Cerro Lindo mine, which dismayed our entire company. This led us to further enhance our security practices.

Finally, I would like to specially thank our employees for their dedication to making Nexa a protagonist in the mining of the future. I also want to express gratitude to our customers, shareholders, suppliers and communities for their partnerships throughout the year, as well as the trust and support of the members of our Board of Directors.


In 2019, we began a deep transformation in Nexa, focused on the evolution of our corporate culture and on improving the efficiency of operations in Brazil and Peru, with great potential for returns for all stakeholders.