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Mining of the future

GRI 103-2, 103-3

Our strategic aspiration is to be globally perceived as a smart and reliable company, which grows with a focus on zinc and copper mining in the Americas, generating value for all stakeholders. This mandate was reviewed and approved in 2018 by the Board of Directors, when we reiterated our intention to grow competitively, based on two strategic axes – Growth and Operational Excellence – and eight enablers (People and Organization, Sustainability, Project Management, Commercial, Management of Risks, Technology and Automation, Logistics and Supplies and Capital Structure), which assist us in the execution and achievement of strategic objectives.

For us, being intelligent means innovating through transforming technologies and processes, keeping us connected to the world and its trends, carefully allocating human and financial resources and managing the risks inherent in our business. It also means sharing knowledge and solutions to be an increasingly agile company, imprinting our way of doing things – the “Jeito Nexa” (The Nexa Way).

And being reliable means that we are committed to operating safely and sustainably, contributing in a material manner to the development of the localities in which we operate. And furthermore, so that we are perceived as a company that plans what it does and accomplishes what it plans.

The Nexa Way of executing this strategy defines and guides us as we continue to grow competitively. And it allows us to take the world of mining to the world of people, with quality products, produced in such a way as to cause the least environmental impact while leaving a relevant social legacy. That is how we want to build the mining of the future. (More information about The Nexa Way is on page People).

Strategic mandate

Throughout 2019, we focused our efforts on improving the execution of our strategy, strengthening our structures and connecting with global innovation trends. Thus, we guarantee the necessary breathing space to be competitive in an increasingly challenging mining scenario, with lower ore content levels, greater environmental obstacles and stronger demands for accountability from society and other stakeholders.

Our strategic mandate is reviewed every three years, through a process called Strategic Dialogue that is coordinated by the Strategic Planning area. It consists of individual and structured interviews with all the Company’s executive officers and Board members to identify positive aspects, opportunities for improvement and potential adjustments.

An analysis of the macro trends that affect the company and the sector, of new technologies, of the socio-economic and political environment of the countries where we operate also plays a part in this process. Another requirement is an assessment of our competences, of our ability to execute the strategy and of the evolution we have achieved in these areas since the last evaluation.

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