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Highlights 2020

Capital Financeiro
Financial capital
GRI 102-7
US$ 2 billion
of net revenue
US$ 403 million
of adjusted EBITDA
US$ 632 million
of distributed added value
Capital Manufaturado
Manufactured capital
US$ 336 million
of investments in assets (Capex)
585.4 thousand tonnes
of metallic zinc +
zinc oxide sold
Capital Humano
Human capital
own employees
More than
98 thousand hours
of training
Capital Social
Social and relationship capital
More than
20 thousand people
benefited from social investments GRI 203-1
More than
US$ 8 million
invested in social actions, with 132 projects in 17 locations
Capital Intelectual
Intellectual capital
US$ 4 million
invested in Research & Development
Capital Natural
Natural capital
of water recirculation over total consumption in units GRI 303-5