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Message from the Board of Directors

Jaime Ardila
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jaime Ardila
Nexa Resources has always been committed to the sustainability of its businesses in its DNA, and the environmental and social impact of its operations

Nexa Resources has always been committed to the sustainability of its businesses in its DNA, and the environmental and social impact of its operations. Over the years, we have evolved to increasingly include environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects in our strategic planning, just as we pursue the path of profitability.

In 2020, we started reviewing our material topics, so that we can always include the most relevant information for our stakeholders in our reports. In this sense, we conducted a public consultation and identified 12 material topics: Decommissioning; Ethics and Compliance; Operational Excellence; Water Resources Management; Dam Management; Waste and Tailings Management; Social Management; Climate Change; Plurality; Reputation; Health, Safety and Well-being; Innovation. These topics are presented throughout this report and represent a transition in our model of accountability to society.

As of the next report, we will have more indicators and goals defined to monitor our progress in each topic. We want materiality to be seen from a more strategic point of view, as a management tool for ESG aspects.

Nexa Relatório Anual 2020

Regarding governance, we have advanced within the scope of the Sustainability Committee, which also includes the monitoring of the main projects in which we invest, so as to ensure adequate monitoring of the material aspects from the moment of prospecting until the start of operations.

In the social field, we seek to adapt our units to the emergency needs that arose with the Covid-19 pandemic. We trained entrepreneurs in the communities, donated food and hygiene materials, and worked in partnership with the government to equip hospitals and service stations. Moreover, we also focused our efforts on our employees, taking care of their physical and mental health and that of their families. We took some further steps towards having a more plural company, with the creation of affinity groups to discuss issues related to diversity and inclusion.

In the environmental area, we are in the process of reviewing our goals. However, we continue with the goal of reaching, by 2025, 75% of recirculation and less specific use of water; reduce the specific emission of greenhouse gases by 5%; reduce the disposal of tailings in dams and reduce the specific generation of mining and metallurgical waste by 50%; in addition to ensuring that all the units have an alternative study for future use and a decommissioning plan.

From an operational perspective, the construction of Aripuanã, our most important project, continues to advance. The schedule was extended in relation to the original project and we reviewed investment estimates upwards after a comprehensive study of internal and external issues, which included impacts related to COVID-19. According to the new schedule, production is planned for the beginning of 2022, which will allow us to increase our production and increase the company’s EBITDA.

In this cycle, I assumed the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors and I am proud to be part of this team, that also incorporated a new board member, Mr. Gianfranco Castagnola. I would like to thank the members of the Board of Directors, the Management Team and all our employees in this challenging year for their significant contributions, which required an ability to reinvent ourselves and adjust quickly to changes in the scenario. The determination and commitment of all will be essential in Nexa’s intensive work towards building the mining of the future, one which is more sustainable, more plural and more innovative.